GOLDEN RAINS                   



     The wettest summer ever recorded in the Pacific Island communities, deluged the small seaside beach of Casey’s Cove on the 18th December, 1979.   Only one week before christmas any early decorations had already been stripped from esplanade trees and lay in soggy tatters in the mud.   

     The violent surf pummelled the cliff face and when the high tide came, propelled by the tsuami from a far-distant undersea earthquake, there was nowhere else for the huge wave of water to go but to power relentlessly across the flat esplanade and wash away every beach shack and hut on the shoreline.

     10year-old Kara Larkins thought she heard her mother scream but it was the plaintive howling of their much-loved black labrador dog Timmy which pierced her soul.   The wave after wave of relentless ocean surge swept in and took everything she had ever known and dragged it all – her family – their belongings, their whole lives, back into its dark and silent depths.  



THIS IS YET BUT A VISION OF WHAT MAY BE.   The story in my heart is about tragedy and the journey leading to Hope.   It is the story of when rain which looks like endless hopeless becomes Golden Rains that are the sure and certain Hope that the life will lead to better.

Still as yet an unformed story but real in many ways in my heart.   Perhaps in next few months it will become clearer.